the internet makes it very easy.

have you done this? if not, you should. but first! read.

i’m sure a lot of you already get sojo news. but some of you don’t. and there is also miss dobos who may have already told you. hopefully i’ll get the rest of the scragglers left behind.

basically, everybody knows that Plan Columbia is probably sold as a very sexy America Saves/Bruce Willis/Tears of the Sun kinda thing (you know, with helicopters and guns and death and whatnot) but is simply a lazy and bad idea.

just a little reminder. june 27 is coming up soon. don’t be like congress. educate yourself!

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  • Megan

    weird. my “significant other” is colombian.
    the truth is, P.C. has been just a huge mess for years and when “the U.S.” goes on their little “spraying campaigns” it gets into the groundwater and on the workers and KILLS PEOPLE- good old fashioned humans like the one I love who are just trying to make a buck.
    “If you would just stop buying our coke, we’d stop selling it to you,” he says.