It’s time to play…

What! Maybel! Ate!

Today, a box of roach poison! and a dead mouse!

We are going to be the worst parents ever. But don’t worry, i think she’s going to be okay. There was a lot of barf.

I just wanted to tell you that this evening, Seth and I walked the little piglet to Giant Eagle where we bought some supplies. For an appetizer, we cooked mussels, followed by salmon and potatoes for dinner. We ate outside on the porch. It was around 75 degrees.

I also wanted to say thanks to Cat for her supportive words, and that i did eventually use the swear words boiling in my brain, but only after he left the room. Such is the cowardly way that i live. it still felt really good though.

I also wanted to tell Chris that the comment i made about the old man being dead, etc. was a complete lie that came out of nowhere. sometimes i’m not even aware it is happening.

I’d like to know what you think of Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl or whatever.

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  • jessm

    i have not heard this song, but i think i would like it because my favorite part of African American Studies was when my professor did not show up and this girl in my class wrote on the board and then yelled, “we were here, you weren’t, holla!” now i try to say holla as much as possible, but the problem is i sound like a freak because i am white. so mostly i like to type it at the end of emails instead of bye

  • lemonscarlet (jessi)

    This song is weird. It seems to encourage fighting in school. And the BANANAS part didn’t make any sense at all until I read the lyrics online. (there’s a part omitted on the radio b/c of naughty words.) I am really into reading lyrics online. It’s always funny because I discover I’ve been singing at least part of most songs wrong. Holla!