how awkward.

I forget how to do this.

have you given up on me?

if so, remember this.
i am happier than i’ve been in a long time. and i’m being kept alive by you.

I’m not sure i’ve ever felt this good. totally disconnected. but good.

When i was gone, i thought of you. i thought of every second i spent with you, how our relationship went from nothing to something. how you were just some stranger and up to the point that you weren’t. i thought of our good times. our bad times. i reveled in it. i rolled around in it until i was sick.

And the Lord let me see Costa Rica.

There was nothing i did financially or soulfully or otherwise to deserve it. It was the first time i have left the country (Canada never counts, right?) and i have to tell you, it was quite an experience.

When i was there, the blogger in me was exploding from the inside out, with the internet around 4,000 Colones per half hour time slot. i saved the money for a volcano tour. we swam in hot springs. we played with monkeys. we swung on ropes through the treetops of the rain forest. we toured a coffee plantation. we got lost. we didnt’ speak the language. we ate things we couldn’t name. our bus broke down. we smoked Derby cigarettes and drank Imperial beer. we lived the slogan. Pura Vida. we came home with all the bracelets.

And there are so many things since then that have happened! Like our neighbors, the Matts, who invited us over for an authentic Spanish/Indian dinner cooked by their friends at ten o’clock after work. Or like our cousin Carrie, who graduated from high school today. Or like my friend Becky who called to plan our 5-year reunion. People have gotten married, had babies, acquired dogs, read books, moved to DC Houston Seattle, laughed, cried gained four pounds and thrown up since we’ve talked last.

I’m back. and everything is ok.

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  • Strader

    Was it just you and the parents?

  • cat.

    hooray! it is a happy day on the internet, the return of you.

  • jessm


  • L-Jo

    yep, just me and mis padres.