come here babies and hold mama

i need you like water like grass like rain

is that the song by Lee Ann Rimes? if it is, imagine i am singing to you now.


i need you now…more than words cans say i need you nooooowwwww.

you pick.

guys, this has been the most exhausting week of my life. you know that feeling where your body pauses for a moment and you have to assure yourself “ok, i am totally capable of moving this upstairs.” That was me. For five days in a row. and Dan and Julie “More Beautiful than a Sunset” Clark came up from Virginia Beach. and Carrie from work left for Houston. and the Apron Gala. Lord, don’t let me forget to tell you about the Apron Gala. and the problem. which was that I worked 5:00-11pm every night, and that Seth worked 8-5pm every day, so we never really got to work together as a team, and we never really got to go five minutes without cleaning up after Maybel. and we never really ate or slept. except for approximately one slice of roast beef on two pieces of bread or one bowl of Giant Eagle’s Fruit Essentials.

Maybel is our dog. You know, the one you stared at for a week straight.

We still don’t have internet. Something about a “custom job” that sent the Time Warner Cable Guy outside to punch frantically on his walkie talkie. I am coming to you from Ashland, Ohio, where i just landed, kept awake and alive and happy only by the sound of Mae Klingler’s sweet voice. Happy Birthday Mae. You are twenty-seven now.

I’m not sure i can have the internet in Central America. This means we both must prepare for another dry spell… I have missed you so much. I miss reading your blog and i fear i will never catch up.


As soon as I had my suitcase packed and ready, Maybel hopped inside and took a pee. aren’t puppies hilarious?

Our neighbors are from Libya.

Our washer and dryer cut everyone.

I’m sorry but i hate Cameron Diaz and trippin’

is this all i wanted to say?

Our Vet is obsessed with apples.

Good job katie on getting the nuts.

Too much to tell.

Rich and Caroline are our new friends from…church!

It is time to get on the airplane now.

I wonder how i will talk to Seth.

Our other neighbors gain magical powers by having sex with cats.

Information overload.

This session has been terminated. Do you wish to file an error report?

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  • cat.

    are the libyans the same as the cat-sexers?

  • Michele

    more importantly! do the libyans drive a volkswagon van and sell plutonium?