I used to be able to name every nut that there was.

Here we go again
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Here she is…our Grand Champion bulldog fresh outta Bluegrass Country.

Can you believe it? We couldn’t, so we took some pictures.

Warning: Cover your heart or she will fall in and hurt herself.

PS- We are calling her BullyBaby for now. Can you help us pick a much better, more permanent name?

pss- ahhhhhhhhh, sweet sweet blissful happiness.

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  • cat.

    she looks absolutely wonderful. and like eleanor roosevelt. or margaret thatcher.

  • Katie Meyer

    Now that is cute. Actually, I think Margaret Thatcher would be an excellent choice for a name. It is perfectly ridiculous. Walnut. Hazel nut. Pistachio nut. Red Pistachio nut.

  • Strader

    oh darn your puppy is so good at posing…

    you should convince Chris to get one… then I could play with it without any of the messy irritations.

  • Strader

    It has been OVER 10 days… either blog or call… you can’t just stop.