who am i kidding?

i still love him so.

we’ll just have to go to New York to get our one-on-one time.

As things were winding down, and the audience became aware of it, a few in the crowd started screaming “Save Ohio,” which I thought was appropriate. He decided to end the performance (note: not “Special Viewing for my Biggest Admirer Lyndsey”)with an encouraging story of what happened in his life shortly after September 11. The whole thing went down about 12 blocks from his home, and afterward, he was convinced that we’d entered the dark ages, that no one was ever going to smile again, that all was lost. The stench soaked in to all his clothes, furniture. This is it, he thought. Happiness, Joy, Everything, is over. Then one day after taping the Daily Show, he noticed a homeless man sitting on the stoop beside the studio in a long black trench coat, jerking off. “You know, i think we’re gonna be all right,” Jon thought. “I think we’re going to be all right.”

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