This is How. Life Should Be.

I went to the library yesterday to return The Man Who Wasn’t There (good as always), Indiana Jones (Temple of doom, not the best one, i know…) Kate and Leopold (romantic comedy + any tear in the fabric of timespace = awful.) and Ghostbusters (no parenthesis needed).

On my way out I picked up a heartbreaking work of genius, staggering. I’d like to thank everyone along the way who made this possible – first Bryony and then Talya and then Mae. I will start this journey today in the park. No Best American Non-Required Reading at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Surprised? Me too.

Charlie spent the night last night. This only increased my need. Unfortunately, he is country-raised, and his short stint in Columbus brought back memories of days on the streets. He shook, started and refused to go potty for at least 24 hours. Poor little fellow. He spent the night trembling and nosing our feet at the foot of the bed.

Go to and have the man with the accent read you the chapter of Luke. It must be the NIV version. Enthralling.

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  • Mae

    do you need a place to stay before your flight takes off? if you do, i know a girl who lives in cincinnati with a comfy bed.