project potential puppy.

Hey guys we’re moving!

Do you like the wires?

Well, it’s not as cute as 781 #2, that’s for darn sure, but it has everything we can ever want in an apartment, including:

- a decorative fire place
- a reasonable price
- two bedrooms
- a fight-club-like basement where Seth can make all the noise he wants
- a semi-safe neighborhood
- hippy neighbors (i have never seen so many “BUSH LIED” stickers in my life)
- and that’s right –
- we can get a puppy!


We Love Clintonville!

also, there seems to be a school across the street, which is quaint, and comes with a track for me and my puppy to run/poop on. Everything is yet to be official, so we’ll let you know if we can get in.

There are a few kinks, including;
a) the worst kitchen shelves you have ever seen in your life. You know, the board on top of the wire L-brace. Hideous. They are the first things to go.
b) and i can’t reach the toilet paper dispenser from the toilet. This shall have to be remedied.

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  • Rob

    Sorry. After I posted I realized my spelling and grammatical errors. Anyway, what I said was: Why do you need to reach the toilet paper dispenser from the toilet. Unless I read that wrong you’ll be pooping on the track.

  • Anonymous

    Hey, you will be living right by me! Sweet! And I will run with you if you need a partner.

    Lyndsey F.

  • L-Jo


    ohh, i assure you friend, you read nothing wrong.


    sweeeeet. which street you live on?

  • colleen

    I have been greatly ammused by this post. Thank you. Where is Clintonville exactly? It sounds kind of hickish. What sort of puppy are you getting?

    Oh, and what happened to the possibility of you coming up for a visit… will that ever happen? No pressure though, I know you care.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s about three or four streets from Aracadia. I ran over by that “school” (I think it’s like office school building thing, I cannot think of the real term for the life of me right now) everyday last summer.

  • Anonymous

    I’m on Crestview, I forgot to say that. :)