His name was Robert Talton.

Watch first, then read.

Seriously though, my boss and her partner just adopted a foster baby.

They love her a lot. Sure, they are two women, and it’s preferable if babies have good masculine and feminine examples in their lives, preferably in the form of mom and dad, but does this make little Mattix incapable of accepting the love of Christ in any way? No! If anything, it will open her up for more of it. If anything, she will grow up in a loving environment where two women set an example of sacrifice before her. Do you know what CJ and Jodie have done? They are caring for the society’s unwanted and unloved!! Baby Mattix came to Jodi and CJ from a prostitute addicted to crack. No one wanted her. They took her, gave her clothes, fed her and are raising her the best way they know how. AND THEY WILL NEVER GET CREDIT FOR THIS FROM ANYONE! Because of what? Sin in their life?! Please!

You know what the first thing i thought was? “Well, that’s nice and all, but the baby will never have a father figure in her life.” And I probably thought this within the same half hour i waited impatiently at the intersection for the light to turn green so i wouldn’t have to keep making eye contact with the bum asking for money.

Man, i hate it when i don’t let love in. or when i think God can’t overcome. or when i think i have any control over anything at all.

I’m sorry. I know writing in capital letters is lame, but i am crazy-mad. The religious right are making it so hard to minister around here. Every paper, every news media outlet, every gay man/women equates evangelical christian with hatred and judgment. And with the race for the governor. and with the President. and with the picking of the judges. and now with Texas. And only now i am beginning to understand why homosexuals think “If you have a Bible in your hand, you already hate me.”

Would Mattix lead a more stable, responsible God-fearing life with both mother and a father? I’d say, i don’t know, maybe. Would little Mattix “turn out better” with Christian parents? I’d say, i don’t know, it depends on what kind.

Can we please understand that we cannot make laws that make it mandatory for a kid to have the right upbringing? Love people. Love makes a good kid, okay? it covers a multitude. love and patience and kindness and fear of god and all the things we don’t have but are in need of. and i know hundreds of thousands of people who have grown closer to the Lord through rough childhoods. Single parents, multiple parents, divorced parents, gay parents, straight parents, bible-beating parents, alcoholic parents, suicidal parents, atheist parents, etc. Sinners breeding sinners. And there is nothing you can ever write on a piece of paper to stop that.


The law is already written!

LOVE LOVE LOVE i say, with hate pumping through my veins. why don’t you tell me what do you think?

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  • cat.

    it’s always nice to learn about new people i can add to my list of people i would very nearly unguiltily punch in the face. thank you, lt, for helping me add mr talton and the lying lady who said the kids are 11 times more often abused, which is really not true. i have also added jon stewart to my “people i love, maybe more than i should” list. thank you. i’m going to throw up now.

    (in all seriousness, you said some really good and precise things here, which are so so very true and so awful that they are)

  • Michele

    Dear Lyndsey: I don’t know you. I’m a friend of friend, with a link to a link to your blog. So 1)nice to meet you; I hope to shake your hand someday. and 2)you say things very well. Perfect, in fact, what you say about love and law and the Lord. Thank you for that.

  • Rob

    I say that the religious right should not make it hard for you to minister. So, evangelical christians hate gay people; don’t be an evangelical christian. Just be lyndsey; who loves and follows Jesus. And don’t ask anyone to be and evangelical christian; ask them what they think about Jesus. Could they follow Him?

  • L-Jo

    Michele, it is a real pleasure. i feel like i should know who you are because mostly everyone i know already does. i am so out of the loop. anyway, Thank you for the nice things you say. i hope i can see your face one day. :)

    also, for rob, i think that it does make it harder, in the way that running the 100 yard hurdles with one extra hurdle set up right at the beginning would be harder. you have to set and count your steps again, etc. it’s really just an added annoyance. i do like the idea of just being lyndsey who loves and follows jesus. more on all this later.