Stand as One.

Only one more I promise.

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  • Chris

    I hate what you have done to my eyes

  • cat.

    no way, not one more! you find the best videos, keep ‘em comin. my favorite part of this video is when he’s singing in about the middle of the song, on the cliff, and suddenly these two birds appear out of nowhere. awesome. and i don’t know what you’re upset about chris, isn’t that just you in an alternative universe?

  • Rob

    WTF! That was amazing. Should I know who that guy is? What the heck does he mean, “I had to go”?

  • Megan

    This is obviously one of the most important music videos of our times (did I send you the link?). In fact, I had a brief infatuation with this video a week ago, forwarded it to everyone I know, and am now suffering severe indigestion, hallucinations and an itchy rash from it. Enjoy, everyone!!

  • Anonymous

    any chance that you would be able to have lunch or something tomorrow. I suck at making plans in more than one day in advance.


    Call me or email me…and i think you know both.

  • Anonymous

    Since he’s gotten older, Alice Cooper has turned into a total douche bag.