BBE. (Best Blog Ever.)

I takes about five minutes for the mealworms to come alive. Herman is in my lap right now waiting patiently. The worms spend their life in the fridge, suspended in a kind of ‘powersave’ mode. They are too cold to move. Until i bring them out. Some of die instantly, while the others get to crawl a few steps into Prof. Herman’s mouth.

There is one coming to life on the table now. He’s moving his little legs in a way that makes him look like he’s never walked before. Maybe these are his first steps of freedom. Not sure where he thinks he’s going.

This must be what the devil feels like.

Seth is here typing stories for work on a laptop computer. I wanted to play grown-up and type my important documents, too. Alas, there is not much new or worthwhile to blog.

I watched Napoleon Dynamite again tonight. I think i want to re-name Herman Napoleon because of how ANGRY he is!!!!!!



I gotta go, i’m pretty much in the middle of a big bike race.

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  • cat.

    hey ljo, you are the nicest. i know, the forty minutes seemed like an eternity. it was maddening. and i am aok usa. thanks for asking.

  • Megan

    Tina, you fat slob, come eat some food!!!