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I cut off about six months of growth just a few seconds ago. This would be gross under any other circumstances, but I am speaking of my hair. My red hair. All that money I spent making it red and then i cut it off. Well, it was only six bucks, but still. I can’t quit changing things. Does anybody else have a strange urge to go tanning later tonight? Seriously, can i please stop looking in the mirror?

We finished our workbench. Did you see? We have it set up in the “garage,” which nestles romantically beside our bed and dresser. Is there anything hotter than a stack of 2X4′s? I think not.

Tonight, the farmers at OFBF are taking us out to eat some Good Ol’ Amish Cookin’– on them! Can you say family-style!? These people love corn and chickens and pigs and turkeys and cows and soybeans and potatoes. But they gluton-it-up in a very graceful and much more thankful way than normal people. Like in the opposite way of eating an entire Papa Johns pizza by yourself after 2am. You know what i’m talking about. God bless agriculture and God bless Ohio. and my belly. God bless my belly.

Seth is teaching me a lot about genetically engineered seed. And Monsanto (the international Wal-Mart of biotech seeds). These things normally trigger evil and terrible thoughts in my brain. Now, reluctantly, I am seeing a side to a story I never would have if my husband hadn’t been a writer for farmers. I’m going to bet that you haven’t heard it either.

I’ll share some helpful info with you guys one day when i’m less concerned about my hair.

Did you all Watch This Movie? I laughed especially hard during the potty break. This can be expected I suppose. Pre-1982s…you might not get it, or so I’ve been told.

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  • jessm

    remeber when you ate that huge ham sandwich at Union Street and then you said “tonight i am going to sleep like a baby full of ham”

    remember how the Union Street Cafe no longer exists and has moved into Gold Star Chilli and while still crappy all of the ambiance is gone.

    now we must live it through the memories of me drinking syrup and bryony getting violent and angry.

  • jessm

    ps now it is called the Union Street Diner

  • L-Jo

    My heart is flooded with memories and trans fats at the thought. Is it somewhere we can still go, or is it too depressing to visit? Is our waitress still there?

  • Anonymous

    I bet your new hair cut looks great. You always look great. I have never seen you not looking your best. I love you and your blog.

  • Strader

    I learned a lot about genetically engineered foods a while back. The great thing is that they can help communities that need it. They can have crops on what is usually barren land. The big debate= I hate that it doesn’t get marked. What about all of those people who are allergic to peanuts… their lives are just as precious as the poor village people’s… do I actually know nothing about this?

  • jessm

    we can still go there. i don’t think it would be too depressing. i have not been very often myself, it is just not the same. i do not know if our waitress is still there either.