An open letter to Rob in a public arena:

Dear Rob:

Shuh-hup! It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and you’ve already ruined my smug sense of self-satisfaction. How’s a girl supposed to enjoy making fun of people if there are folks like you around reminding me they are God’s children?! Boooo!

I am also reminded by your post that “internet fights” are the absolute worse thing in the world! Damn you! I was trying to use my sword of sass for evil and you caught me and made me feel convicted! (well, actually the bitter rage came first, which is always a good sign of convictions to come…) AND you said it with an unrebukable gentleness! If you would have at least been a bit meaner, then I could have distracted myself with that ball of string for a while. I am so angry right now! But not really.

On behalf of theteet.blogspot.com, we would like to present you, R.R., with a thank-you for taking the time to remind me that it’s probably best not to be a jerk to invisible-but-real people. The same thing goes with famous people, but this is a different lesson.

Anyway, I have felt this coming for a while now with this whole Badalament thing.I’m taking his link down. It’s sort of a mean-spirited thing until I know that we are laughing with B-Dal and not at him.

Sorry, Mae. I let you down, baby. Instead of encouraging you to rise above, I encouraged anger and little pigginess in us.

I’m smarter than what i blog i promise.

This is all I can do right here right now I think.

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  • Anonymous

    I say keep laughing. It is funny to watch. I knew Louis too but I still laugh. It is not mean to laugh at something that is funny. Keep up the great blog. I love you and your blog.

  • Anonymous

    Hey..its your ol’man..as in whose your daddy..I am reading your blogs..or whatever they are..just kinda punchin around on this thing to see what pops up..not a blogger myself…nor online chatmaster…I see your agnostic sister likes to drink and skip classes…hummm…didn’t know that..hope she can remember some of her college years. Youre a funny writer..be safe..iloveyou