ahhh…back in the driver’s seat

You know how I love quirks.

These are the things about people that make them real. to me. If I ever write a novel, these things will be embedded in my characters. For now, here are two more about my husband.

1.) Seth Andrew Teter loves pickles. Every time we go to the grocery store, we buy a new jar. Loving pickles this much could be considered a quirk, but there’s more. For some reason, he thinks it’s gross to eat the last pickle in the jar. The result: a refrigerator full of pickle jars containing one pickle in them. for a while i didn’t realize this was happening. once I did, I didn’t have the heart to throw them out. Should you ever have the opportunity, you can never be fully angry with someone who does this.

2.) He also loves cereal. This is less hilarious, but it’s still true. I’d say 2-3 bowls a day. Usually one after every meal. Perhaps this contributes to his strict regularity. 8:40 every morning. You know what i’m talking about.

NOT A WHOLE LOT GOING on here. (Do you like the all-caps transition? Caps to the first verb of the sentence. Shout-out to Terry at the A-NEWS) I’m waiting to work. Always waiting to work. It hovers over me. It’s cold again here. But for some reason, the 22 degrees are not bothering me. Perhaps it’s the Gillian Welch playing in the background. She is totally making me feel the love. Mae Klingler’s Sweet Ohio snuck into my playlist as well. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by unconventional forms of love? Like you don’t deserve it? Like you’re helpless to feel anything but good about everyone in your life? Well, not everyone. Just a few. You know who i’m talking about. I gotta go. the lines are getting vague and blurry.

Stay Gold. Soon it will be time for a summer’s drive.

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  • Rob

    What do you think Seth would do if you took all those last pickles and put them in the new jar? Would he freak and refuse to eat any of those pickles ’cause they might be one of the last pickles? Or would putting them in with other pickles make them ungross somehow?

  • Megan

    I was thinking the same thing, rob, whoever you are. Only, what if you took all the old pickles and consolidated them into one jar, perhaps the oldest jar, for example’s sake. Would they then become edible? If nothing else, this could save you a lot of room in the Frigidaire.
    As for the cereal thing, I don’t consider it a quirk…

  • L-Jo

    He won’t buy any consolidation theory. He says that it’s just “nature’s way,” — that the last pickle was never meant to be eaten. Something about soaking too long in the green juices. I’m not sure, guys. I married a crazyman.