two glasses of wine and one bag of popcorn later


My husband is asleep on the couch. Get over it. But, take heart! There are sometimes 52 Fridays in a year.


Oh man. I could tell you some things. My sister-in-law is getting ready to give birth at any second to my first niece/nephew. She taught me some stuff about birthin’. It ain’t pretty. Man! Lousy serpent!

Everyone else:

You are too good to me. I have received an overwhelming/difficult to not think strange number of encouragements after the last posting. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to respond and send love. You know who you are. And i assure you, this is not the only reason you are awesome.

Katie Meyer: You are wise. Can I still say this after some lovely praise? I think so. Anyway, your words have been especially appreciated/needed. A committee has decided that you go ahead and comment on every post from now on. I have always admired you, and I wish also that I knew you more. If only you hadn’t graduated college at like 16 or something.

Guys, I have become hopelessly immersed in the world of blog. i’m thinking it might be time to take a break, considering this morning. It was the first thing I thought of when I woke up. I sometimes look forward to blog-reading way more than bible-reading. So you either have to a)stop updating altogether, or b)update – but keep it uninteresting. If neither of these requests are honored, I might have to take a 3 to 10-day hiatus to cleanse my palate. I’ll let you know what happens.

In the meantime, here is a list of the top 10-15 things I probably would not know sans the miracle of the blog.

1. Megan plays guitar. Even with those tiny hands.
2. Seven minutes into “November Rain”, Brooke’s mom calmly said, (in a tortured voice) “I hate this.”
3. Kelley and Hot Pockets are really cute together.
4. It is ok to throw up.
5. Last Saturday, a wake was held for Vincy the cat, and Andy, (a recently ordained barista) gave a lovely sermon. (i can only hope that i may have eventually learned this.)
6. Starbucks recruits teachers and doctors to move into coffee-growing communities on a permanent basis.
7. Freaking talk to Talya cause the girl’s on freaking fire.
8. Chris really hates Robert Mugabe.
9. Never buy the puppy that bites you in the pet store!
10. Let a man be the scruffily comfortable man he was born to be. (Don’t even get me started on business casual…)
11. The worst thing Ben Scragg ever wrote was a response to Peter Railton’s “Moral Realism,” from Philosophical Review. It took more or less 3 hours to write.
12. Today in conlaw, we talk about reproductive rights.
13. The local music scene around Bloomington, IN is lame.

Does this completely blow your mind? Do you feel ashamed? Did God intend for the world to work this way? We’ll find out soon enough. The only problem I have with this whole thing is that I still have no idea who Harlan Booth is. Whoever you are, Harlan, (Greg?) everyone seems to loves you.

(Signs that you need to lay off the blog a little include…) See you all tomorrow. i look forward to it. Goodnight.

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  • Patrick

    Thanks for commenting on my site. You posed one of the best comments I’ve ever read! And it was cool to hear from you again. Sadly, you’re one of “those folks” who have moved away and almost completely slipped from my consciousness. Behold: the miracle of “Web-Log”! Again, thank you.

  • cat

    dear lyndsey teeter. my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw you read my journal, because i think you are awesome. i read your blog and i laugh, or nod my head, and always want to know more. i think you are an excellent blogger and person. party on, teeter.