Catch me if you can

Everyone at work has the flu. Our boss is in Seattle for leadership training. Therefore, I have learned what it is to work repeated 12-hour shifts serving coffee. It’s actually not terrible, only slightly depressing when you make a drink for the same person 4-5 times in that span of hours. Depressing a) because they have come and gone and i’m still here, and b) because they really do have a serious problem with coffee.

Anyway between that, church stuff, baby showers and trips to a woodcarver’s house, I have been especially unreachable.

Coming soon: updates (Tammy, babies, knives, etc.)
Don’t miss it. I’m off to work. I’m closing. I’ll be doing the same thing tommorrow, so…yeah.

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  • Strader

    I called you the other day in order to tell you a story that may be encouraging to you… I can’t encourage if you don’t call back… call me please my dear friend.