Is it too late to talk about the Bible?

I think there is a certain point in maturity where one shall no longer enjoy going to a dirty, smelly, loud bar and being a becoming obnoxiously drunk with old friends. i think i might almost be there. in the meantime, i’m sorry i gave all you hatas a temptation to judge. That was a joke. Judging is not.


It’s time to focus on the things that are pure, true and good.

I read a bit of Leviticus last night. It was a nice little bed time story. Ehhhhh. Man, God sure is Holy, huh? Don’t you even think about bringin him no imperfect member of the herd. he ain’t havin it.


All you theologians, rise up.

When Jesus said that he didn’t come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it, does that mean that God still delights in rules being followed (see: Leviticus)? Sometimes i think if i ever brought an animal sacrifice, God would be like “What are you doing, girl? I already took care of that…”

But sometimes I want to. Not so that I can be pure and worship the Lord in the temple, but so I can honor him. What if I decided against the burnt offering and wanted to follow some more realistic Jewish traditions? Would God frown upon that or would he think it was cute that I cleared my house of leavened bread, etc? This is still the same God. It’s just that our rules are different now. A new covenant, and whatnot.

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