Romance, step aside! It’s nap time.

we accidentally slept through our half-anniversary dinner! our sleeping patterns are all in disarray. we’ll have to move celebration to another night. oh well, it was a really good nap. you know the kind. and we managed to finish the rest of the cheesecake before nodding off, which is sort of romantic in a gluttonous way.

in other news, i had a lovely luncheon with a miss lyndsey fellers this afternoon at Planks Cafe (and Pizzeria) in German Village. she lured me into her social trap like a beautiful siren singing “i have presents for you…many presents…wedding presents….from sarah non-puttick.” no seriously, i didn’t get any wrapped presents, but i had the present of QT with LF. she stays up to care for the sick and the marginalized from 11pm to 9am. now that is dedication to the cause.

Jim Wallis once quoted a guy who said “you won’t be able to get into heaven without a letter of recommendation from the poor.” What will yours look like?

Dear God,

Please let Lyndsey into heaven. Once, in college, on Fridays, she played with a bunch of our children only after receiving a free meal. She also gave one of our women five dollars to eat at Wendy’s in Cincinnati. I wish we could say more, but she was busy. You know, with stuff. Actually, mostly she was just afraid of us. Not sure what the deal is there.

Love Always,

The Poor

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  • Anonymous

    Lol. Get i hope that helps me get in heaven.