i am already speaking about pets like my mother

Rankin, thank you for giving me an excuse to talk about the Hermsicle. Also, Welcome to the Club. You are on your way to becoming An Elitist.

I was just noticing the other day as we were watching television. herman was on my lap resting peacefully until suddenly, he was not. as i lifted the covers i noticed he was eagerly traveling up and down the couch. apparently he has grown into a little explorer. we got him a giant plastic ball to run around in, and ever since then, he has been fearless. he is always moving. more in the daytime now, also. you have a big ball for your hedgehog, right? maybe its something about seeing the world tinted yellow (or blue or red or whatever) that gives them the fever. honestly, i miss the days he was too pissed off to do anything but cuddle.

you should have seen him in ashland. he had his rolly ball, and was running full-force into charlie. this is even funnier when you consider the hour or so of training we went through to teach charlie that he could not touch or roll the ball with his giant paws or face. for a while, charlie was satisfied keeping his nose a half-inch from the ball and following it closely around the house. then suddenly, herman turned on charlie and the poor dog had to twist and contort in order to avoid touching the yellow plastic ball of destruction. ahhhhhhhhh….pets.

as for the pooping, it will never stop. they never outgrow it. they, like humans, only learn to love pooping more as time goes by.

i am finally applying for a job on Monday. The reason i waited this long was that I have a plan of being hired from the first application i send out. i’ll let you know what happens. (flash to sixteen months from now, when i’m promoted to shift supervisor) Ehhhhhh.

Anyway, we have some cheesecake, and tomorrow is our sixth month anniversary! you do the math.

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  • colleen

    delightful. yes, gomez also has a yellow rolly ball. it provides for hours of unsupervised fun. although, he doesnt like it when he poops in there. usually, he just stops, poops and than stands still, making a comotion until someone comes and cleans it out. yes, i suppose he is spoiled.

    thanks for all the pertanent information… it was very ammusing.

  • L-Jo

    weird. herman only enjoys his ball when he has splattered the poop all over. i wonder if this is getting to be too much information. oh well. just tell them that shit happens.

  • Anonymous

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