in other news, Tyrone. Tyrone Davis.

MAE, they got him.

Seth is leaving for DC soon and I am very afraid. I have become entirely too dependent on him being here every day. Remember in college when we would go two or three weeks without so much as a glimpse of each other? no wonder i was such a slut. kidding. kidding? anyway, be nice and send me an encouraging email/comment/phone call/kiss on the forehead. but don’t call my phone, because it is lost. i think permanently. it has been 2 weeks. call seth’s phone. well, you can call my phone, but i wont answer. i’ll just hear the message later. deal? ok. awesome. and dont’ be surprised if i call you at 10:30 p.m. to inform you:

a) i am getting ready to walk the short but deadly distance from my car to my home

b) there is a strange man hiding behind a tree in the dark

c) said strange man is now tapping on my car window

d) i am being pursued by a criminal

e) or that i have been unfortunately killed.

i already have one day booked in ashland with the sister and the parents. this will better my slim chance of survival. i hope to take my husband’s advice to “don’t get dead.”

in other news, Herman.

Is terrible at being a hedgehog. We bought him some mealworms. The book said he would love them. Once you take them out of the refrigerator, these worms are very much alive, mind you, and very difficult to touch and feed to him. i can hear them pleading for their lives. Also, he wants nothing to do with them. we are attempting to train him to follow his natural instincts, but alas, he only wants more cat food. i would just die if my hedgehog thought he was a cat. or worse! wanted to be one. The book also says it may take some time before he’s ready to eat the worms. so in the meantime, we got him a giant clear ball to run around the house in. it’s completely hilarious. i couldn’t have asked for it to turn out better.

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  • Anonymous

    seriously Lyndsey if you would like to hang out with me on Saturday, I’m game. I would really love to see you. Um, and Sarah has a wedding present that she has left to me thinking that I would see you before she did. So I have a present for you too :)

    Lyndsey Fellers

    Email me if you would like to hang out.

  • L-Jo

    hey hun! hey i’m working this weekend, but what are you doing monday? husbandless or no, we should def ‘dube it up again.

  • Anonymous

    Monday lunch? If that works for you it would be super for me.

    The other Lyndsey