Thinking of you.

I slammed my finger in the blender thing and after all the swearing, i couldn’t help but be reminded of you. Now every time I glance down at my hands or touch my finger with anything at all, it’s like the sock thing, only much more painful (but pleasant!) I also included this partially for Megan because I know how she feels about my hands. Please note the coffee-stained cuticles and poorly-managed growth. Also, there was blood coming out of the top of this thing. Isn’t that gross? Honestly, who would show this online?
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Colleen, I heard you needed some information. Please direct your attention HERE

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  • Mae

    This makes me so happy. Not that you slammed your finger. Just that…you know. I guess I’m just sick like that.

  • Megan

    Cutest damn finger, ever, despite minor imperfections such as coffee stains and disfigurement by blender.