in the words of Pagoda, shit man.

So going to Athens always makes me feel strange. A mix of deliciousness and…yeah. Maybe it’s just the combined 3.2-hour car ride inside my own head. That’s always dangerous. Maybe it’s the spiky hedgehog poking my thigh while i drive. Also not safe. Maybe it’s old friends and familiar scenes poised somewhat uncomfortably atop a 7-month void of limited communication. It’s actually probably just Burrito Buggy. Every time i go there, something strange happens inside of me.

On the ride home I was thinking about how much I love Jessica Meyer. If you’re out there Jess, I’d like to see you and have you shake my hand.

Things i’ve learned in the last few hours:

Don’t ever tell Chris Pyle that you work for Starbucks.

Don’t ever let your pet poop on a table.

Don’t ever buy Emily Blair a hedgehog.

Don’t ever believe the weather man.

There are a lot of new connections with new people in my life, but none of them are as firing like they could be. I’m holding onto something, people. I, like many of the Athenites i know, am reluctant to leave my imaginary nest.

When i walk outside in the winter and get angry, I always think fondly of you Emily Blair.

Damn winter. Damn time of transition. Damn coffee job. Please remember that nothing is really ever as bad as i try to make it sound.

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  • Anonymous

    Hello Lyndsey. I love you too. I would also like to give you a hand shake. I am sorry that I did not see you while you were here. One day we will have a non-electronic conversation and it will be wonderful, but for now I am glad that God has blessed us with electronic communication, because it is is indeed better than no communication at all. Truly Yours, Jessica Lauren Meyer the First