callin’ all freaks

Attention all would-be jackassmunchers:

Instead of smashing our car window with a brick and stealing nothing, may we recommend knocking on our door and asking for $100? It would be cheaper for us and more profitable for you. And please, if you are going to go through with your smashtastic plan, please do it in the summer when we want our windows down anyway. and honestly – what does the owner of a hyundai accent have that you want? was it that sack of Wendy’s trash that caught your eye? or was it that empty can of cheery coke? you suck. we hate you.

we have changed our minds about the death penalty.

love always,

lyndsey and seth

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  • Strader

    Oh No! If you were going for sympathy, you’ve got mine! If you were going for good story, you failed miserably! Oh no, do you still get to visit on Friday? I hope so, I am sure looking forward to your face.