oh babies

i just spent some time adding some things to the right without the permission of the authors. browse and enjoy. there are many others of great value that i’d like to add, however, i am embarrassed that i spend so much time reading about people with whom i was vaguely familiar in college, those i made out with occasionally, and those i was never cool enough to be friends with. so i will keep those a secret for now.

i finally have a resume and a cover letter template and i’m working on putting together my clips. The magic number is 3-5 and i’m having difficulty singling out “the best.” do i include one of those weird technical articles from my time in DC? and what about my inappropriately-long piece on floyd the coal miner? don’t worry, i know the answer. Can anyone else tell i’m stalling?

i love starbucks.

you know what time it is right now? it’s 11:36 in the am, and i’m not at work like the rest of the suckas. i have thursday off. when i do have to go into work, i chat with Holly, the Gregs, Professor, Coach and of course, Frankie. I make them coffee and send them on their merry way. I suggest special blends and offer them samples of delicious pastries. I live. i gossip. i love. Sure, maybe i have more potential for life than this (maybe/maybe not?) but it’s so damn EASY. and FUN. and isn’t that what the Bible says life is supposed to be all about? Erg…

Christopher Cantoni asked why “we all” seem to be in this same position, that is, not doing what we thought we would be after college, that is, getting paid by the hour in the food service industry, selling couches, freelancing for our fathers without getting paid, etc. – and that is – a good question that i promised to answer.

mae, chris, all those scripters, and i – we’re all pretty smart and thus far successful people. why don’t employers want us?

man, i don’t know. we’re just dumb i guess. or fatty fat fat fat.

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