and God will gently turn off the television

No seriously though. Take my husband. Seriously. Take him. No, Seriously. Listen.

From June until November, Seth sent out 135 resumes. He spent his days cleaning, cooking and washing whilst i toiled at the coffee house. He made calls, surfed online, went on interviews, made more calls, sent thank-yous, sent out more resumes, worked at Fru-Fru for a bit and then spiraled into despair. All he wanted was a job. All he wanted was to be where he could make a difference. All he wanted was to fuel the fire. All he wanted was to be free of the beast. So he freaked out for a really long time, became depressed, stopped doing housework…eventually he even watched daytime television. One day, he snapped and drove out to the woods. It is my understanding that he wrestled with the Lord for several hours on this day, and eventually petted a tiny baby deer. You know what verse he finally had to accept? Be still and know. That was Seth’s lesson. He had to stop squirming and have confidence that God was God. On the way home from his woodland adventure, his wife called. Some dude named Joe Cornelly had left a message asking him to interview with some farm place. The rest is history.

I think that what is happening now is a refinement of sorts. We all have lessons to learn. we all have magical baby deers to pet. Each person’s story is different, so don’t set a time limit. If you don’t have a job by summer, this is ok. I think that maybe some of us have to be broken down first, like Seth, or maybe others have to have the fire put under our butts. Others may have no struggle, while others simply have to start the ride on the pain train by sending out some resumes.

Today you have a choice to make the most of this time. you can be pleasant and hopeful and continue to petition both god and potential employers. you can save the souls of the meaningless peon co-workers at your meaningless jobs. Or you can ride a shame spiral to the depths of your soul. or blog. you can blog too.

chris, are you asking why we don’t know what we want, or why we aren’t getting what we ask for? both? either way, i hope you read the previous post before you read this one.

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  • Strader

    Who is this Megan who lives in Wooster? That being my hometown, I feel like she should be listed beside me. Well then we all know we wouldn’t be in correct order. I guess I am close to her on the list and that will do. But really, who is she?