you remember how much i loved groundhogs…

Ladies and Gentleman introducing…..

Professor Herman K. Sledgehog

…The newest member of the Teter family. Who would have thought that i wanted a hedgehog so badly? Not me, I tell you this. It was only by my husband’s christmas genius that we came about the Hermster (or Professor Huffington if you rouse him before 10:30 p.m.)

This is all very new and exciting, so we must take it one step at a time. First, five things you need to know about Professor H:

1.) He cannot shoot quills at you. This is what a porcupine does. He can only surprise you with them. They poke a little, but the do not hurt you as much as make you say “fucker!” way more than you’d ever want to.

2.) He does, however, roll into a defensive little ball if you wake him up before he’s ready, or take him to PetCo. or Target, or mention S-O-N-I-C.

3.) After a few days, once Prof. H gets used to you and your new smell, he will be happy to crawl into the pocket of your hooded sweatshirt and watch movies with you.

4.) Prof. H loves more than anything to splash around in the bathtub…but do not make fun of him for falling head first into his water dish. Once he stops coughing and sneezing, he will roll into a little ball of embarrassment, and will pout until you offer him a tasty treat.

5.) He eats “hedgehog food” from the store and little meal worms for treats.

Stay tuned, there are many many many more PHS stories to come.
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  • Megan

    I knew it! You WERE expecting a little bundle of joy!
    Happy ho ho ho.