Can I talk about this?

I spent all yesterday morning (at work) throwing up again!? WTF is going on. When things cleared up in the afternoon, my boss told me to go buy a test because I was pregnant. Olivia, Michael and Carrie and many nosy customers agreed. “Oh yeah. 99.9 % sure that’s what it is,” Olivia said. So they spent the rest of the day convinving me that i was going to have a “BabyBot” (My nickname for this week is TeterBot, so it follows naturally)- and they totally freaked me out. Seth and I want babies, but only when we don’t have to climb stairs to get to our house, and when we both make enough money to feed it and “teach it stuff.” So in like 3-5 years. So when i got off work completely convinced i was with child, i bought a test and was very confused at the emotions i felt when it was negative. It was like Jennifer Aniston when Phoebe tells her she’s not pregnant when she really is. Except i’m really not i don’t think.

So WebMD tells me that I have food poisoning, i have the flu, i’m pregnant or i have brain cancer. Does anyone else know the symptom of vomiting 1-3 times per week for three weeks in a row, skipping one week? no new diet, no new stresses, no partying…what is wrong with me? i’ll let you know when i find out.

on a different note.

Mae, your message the other day was laugh-out-loud funny. Chris, your email was a chuckler, too. I spent my free time writing this blog, but i’ll get back to everyone soon. not tonight as i work, but soon. heart lyndsey

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  • Strader

    go to the freaking doctor!

  • colleen

    it is the flu… i had it all week… thought i was better, than i was throwing up again. are you running a low fever? my roomate has suffered from this same issue. she was sick last week, was fine for several days, then suddenly throwing up again. i second talya’s advice. go to the doctor.