Can i tell you about the bravest man of all?

Can I tell you about the bravest man of all? He’s my husband, Seth. One night, upon arriving home from work I discovered a tiny rodent with wings attached to the curtain in the hallway outside our apartment. We decided that it was a bat. After a few unsuccessful tries at trapping it with the trash can, my husband decided that he would just remove the tiny creature with his hands. I got him some garden gloves from the closet, and as I nervously peered through the crack in the living room door, i saw him reach up and grab the little guy and remove him from our curtain. With his hands. I mean, he had on gloves, but still. He has learned so much already from the farmers.

The bat surprisingly did not protest, but was content in Seth’s hand even after he tried to let it go outside our house. He, the bat, not Seth, just showed his tiny little teeth in a pathetic little snarl and waited patiently for Seth to put him on the ground.

An hour or two later, we went outside and found that our bat had either flown away or been stolen. We were googling later and learned that sluggish, non-fluttering type bats are not lazy or sleepy but are probably just full of rabies. At least we released it into the world in time to take care of a few children or elderly before it died.

Were you aware?

A few scientists and government types thought that bats could be used to burn down Japan during WWII, and they convinced the President of this also. “Bat bombs,” they said, (or tiny napalm bombs tied to bats) could be released onto Japanese cites. As the bats roosted, hundreds of tiny fires would ignite and burn down the whole country, which was made, they said, primarily of tiny nooks and crannies in wood and paper buildings. I bet the bats were glad they used atoms instead. I don’t know which idea is more terrible. apples and oranges.

This all raises an interesting question – does anyone know if bats play dead? If you know anything about this, or any other interesting facts about bats or war, please let us know. We’re not planning anything or anything. We’re just curious and natural learners. Thanks

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