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Friends, let me clarify. The throwing up and sighting of the devil last week were eerie but unrelated events. Expired sour cream atop a delicious taco dinner sent me hurling my guts out last week. Seeing the devil a few days prior was only a jarring coincidence.

I did have another dream though. The night before last I had a visit from a messenger shortly before i woke who told me “I’m coming,” and then it said “Micheaaaaal.” Now i don’t know if Michael is coming or if Michael was getting yelled at over the phone, but either way I woke up completely terrified and convinced myself of impending doom for the coming day. I was so shaken up that I shared my dream with my boss, who has not had the best experience with christianity, and who’s partner was kicked out of seminary for being a lesbian, and who probably thinks that I am a complete lunatic. What followed was an intense religious discussion and a pouring out of guts. And not only mine. My boss has always been a very open person, and during our talk she shared with me a lot about her past, especially about her abusive father who recently passed away. This opens the door to so many more questions I have for her about masculinity and about her adopted babies and about her beliefs. But i am too scared. The whole thing was really great, and it makes my heart open wide for my boss and her partner. Lots of things were left unfinished. I hope I get another morning to open the store with her.

We actually decided at the end of our conversation that nothing was going to happen to me, and that especially the devil was not going to kill me or anyone in my family. She suggested that God “or something” was probably just trying to remind me to pray more and to read my Bible. She suggested quite seriously that I get my act together and get to church.

I think she might be on to something. Nothing sends you into the Word quicker than being terrified. And yesterday I found out a lot about Michael the archangel. He’s a good angel (duh- was I the only one who missed John Travolta’s greatest performance ever?) and he kicks some serious dragon ass in the battle of the Apocolypse. And whoever talked to me in my dream was right – he IS coming, and so is Jesus, and the end of the world, and days of judgment and God wiping tears from our eyes, etc. and we should probably not forget that while we’re making lattes, loving people and living our dull, boring lives.

I noticed that Talya has joined us, and I am very thankful for this. See? who needs phones or face-to-face talk? It’s like a four-way conversation in one! Blogs rock!

PS- Hi Chuck and Patrick…please approve your ads below:)

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  • Strader

    I forget to pray during those conversations, isn’t that a shame. I get so tied up in thinking that I have the answers and I feel like I put up new walls that the Lord just has to bring down with someone or something else. I am trying to remember though… nice post … my name is Talya Strader and I approve this message… ok lame