Does this get your attention?

Yesterday I was walking from my car to my home in broad daylight with an armful of groceries when i met the devil. He was a large white man who looked a bit like Clint Eastwood with a fatter face. He had a large jacket on, but i didn’t get a good look at the rest of him, because of the eyes. We had just passed briefly on the sidewalk when he stopped, turned, and whispered “hello my beautiful,” all the while looking into my eyes long enough to burn the seal of hell in me and send a huge quivering chill down my entire body. I didn’t say anything back.

Perhaps this was just a chance encounter with a creepy but ordinary man, and I have just imagined that he was the devil. It could have all been false, stemming from a dream I had two nights ago where there were no faces, no images, just darkness with a voice from telling me that “he’s on his way for a visit, and that I should be expecting him shortly.” Him, being the devil, of course. He didn’t call himself that or anything, I just seemed to know in the dream. Or it could just be that Seth has to work late all night this week and I’m all alone in the dark with a faulty lock system.

Whatever it is, i think it’s time i spend some quality time at my sister’s house, don’t you think?

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