Guess who’s coming to dinner

Well, not really. But almost. Actually not at all. Something better!

Talya and Chris stopped over for an evening visit on Sunday. We ate spaghetti pie and they brought us peanut butter ice cream and cinnamon rolls – and Newcastle, which i think sometimes is much better than wine. Sometimes.

We also played Hidden Identity and I’m ashamed to say that they beat us and that everyone was sober. And I even had Seth on my team. Durn that George Washington Carver! And acropolis?! Come on…I should have been all over that one. Especially after watching that Fritz Lang movie in Dave Thomas’ class. Or am I thinking of Metropolis? Either way it was a real fumble.

So even though they pounded our “A’s” in our own home, we had a pleasant evening with the kids. And not to say surprisingly pleasant, but was anybody else comfortably reminded of god’s grace and filled with joy at various times during the visit? Just me? Ok, I’m cool with that.

It is so good to have dinner guests in our home.

And Mae! Out of no where I hear this distinct little voice running up the staircase and through the hall. Could it be? Oh yes! It could! It’s Mae! Home from the war! And she’s stopped by for a visit! Unfortunately for her, she walked in was just as we were putting our Christmas tree stand together whence upon we could place our first magical Christmas tree as a married couple. I’m sorry, Mae. That must have been like when Toto revealed the man behind the curtain. The magic of the first Teter Christmas may be lost to you now since you’ve seen it born. And it wasn’t a pretty birth at all. It still leans just a tiny bit to the right in case you’re wondering.

gotta go now i’m in the middle of a big bike race.

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