I beseech you, please, may I implore your attention for an additional tethy?

Friday I went to Mae’s house. We had some kick-ass Pad Thai (thanks for teaching me) and we got some port and some nearly expired $3.50 pastries from Starbucks and foot rubs, of course. And she let me watch the entire OSU football game in exchange for playing with her hair. It was absolutely marvelous. May I reiterate how lovely it is to be able to go and relax? No pressure to entertain or to impress, just to enjoy the company of another, comfortably. This is what I like about good friendships. We can be “our boring selves” and completely enjoy it. PS- Stay away from the Benjamin Port. Don’t be a cheap ass. Buy the Sandeman. PSS- Remember when Edwards dropped that easy pass for the first down that lost the game? Sit down, man. That’s right, SIT DOWN.

Also, last night. Saw Garden State at the cheap seats. Was told by many I would love it. Too much hype. Didn’t like it. As Seth and I were discussing, we decided that we’re not cynical…movies are just way too stupid. There were a few saving graces in this film…the hamsters, the pug itching his crotch, the cats, the amazing shots and color (mostly the animals and the cinematography, I guess…) but we were way too grossed out by yet another “free spirit” bringing an uptight/overdosed man back to life again. It even had the Shawshank Redemption scene with the guy staring up into the rain and shaking his head, except this time he was free from his drug-numbed past instead of prison and a mile-long tunnel of shit…maybe now that I think about it, this was on purpose. Anyway there were some good ideas but some terribly douchbagesque dialogue and the overplayed “this is our lives as we live them have fun and let’s just allow ourselves to be whatever it is we are and also the only thing I’ve ever been sure of in my life is that I love you after four days.” (Was anyone else reminded of the Dharma & Greg parody on the Family Guy?)

Maybe I’m just mad that I have tried to be the “free spirit” before in my life and now suddenly I feel exposed. Don’t give away our secrets, Natalie Portman. Plus, you are way too cute. Sorry, friends, if I ruined another movie. It’s your fault for overdosing me on the chick flicks last spring anyway. I will never enjoy romance on the screen again.

Also, don’t bother putting yourself on the reserve list at the library for Touching the Void. It airs on PBS in T-Minus 4 hours. Chris and Talya. I have an idea. Bring yourselves to our house on your way to/from Thanksgiving.

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