Looks like it’s shaping up to be a nice week of people! Sushi with Bill and Kim on Wednesday, dinner and/or lunch some time in the middle with Ronnie, and to cap off the week….that’s right. It’s a trip to Cincinnati on Friday. Klingleriffic. Chris and Talya? You’re up next! Rankin? You’re not safe either, girl! Fellers? I know vaguely where you live! Better get your ready on.

I love the feeling of catching up face-to-face with friends in winter over some sort of warm beverage or dinner, or in the summer over some sort of cold Newcastle beer. Stay tuned here for updates. I’ll tell you more about hanging out with my friends.

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  • Megan

    Bill and Kim are my parents’ names. Did you dine with my parents? That would be weird and uncomfortable, since they can’t be in a room together for more than five minutes before they start clawing each others faces off. I bet they both still think you are adorable though, and would ask you to perform some scene from a musical with me.