Siren’s Eye

I was written up at work yesterday.

Apparently, I hit the void button too many times, and the people at corporate are watching. That’s right folks, as a Starbucks employee, you are only allowed to “line void” six percent of your transactions. Let’s take a closer look at how this works.

Line voids are a convenient way to quickly change the size, flavor, or “excitement” of a drink without voiding the entire transaction. Consider this. Customer A enters the store, stares at the menu for a bit and finally decides on her usual, a venti caramel macciato. She says “i want a large caramel macciatto and a pumpkin scone,” and I hit the corresponding buttons. Simple, huh? You’d think. But wait! Customer A then notices the pumpkin spice latte, our promotional drink of the week, and asks if it’s too late to change her order. “Of course it’s not,” I say. We offer nothing less than legendary service. As a trained barista, i already have her previous items listed on my screen, so instead of writing the whole transaction off as a mistake, i can tap on the caramel maciatto, hit the “line void” button, and move on. Pumpkin scone is left untouched, and i can add the pumpkin spice latte, no prob. Handy, huh? A little too handy.

A sealed confidential letter arrived for me at work yesterday. Apparently, of my 1,835 lines of sale, I had voided 113 of them, or roughly 6.17% As a result, I had to have a meeting with my manager to discuss my frivolous use of the void key, I had to write an essay describing why my void percentage was over the Starbucks standard and I received a yellow Corrective Action paper that had to be signed and stated by my manager and me. Suffice to say, I have been warned.

So to all my little barista friends out there, they are not kidding at Starbucks. It is someone’s job to count the number of times you hit that void button, and when you cross the line, they bring the heat.

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  • colleen

    isnt that just the greatest. advice… dont write things like “everything here sucks” on any sort of starbucks property, even if you erase it. yes, you will get written up for this too.

  • John Howard

    So what are you supposed to do instead? Are you supposed to tell customers to get it right the first time? Or are you supposed to void the whole thing? And if you’re supposed to void the whole thing, why is that any better? This really doesn’t make any sense.

  • L-Jo

    I know, jrh of Jacksonville, Florida. It doesn’t make any sense at all. And that’s why my essay went something like this…”i dunno i guess i’m dumb and my customers change their minds a lot. heart, barista lyndsey”