This is Frankie doing somthing insane.

So like I was saying about Frankie Hejduk. We’re best friends. He plays on the Crew team and also on little known soccer team called the USA National Soccer Team. He used to drink a simple doppio espresso, but he’s moved on the the tall black eye, with our mild blend. The mild blend has more caffeine in it than the bolder coffees. You would think it would be less, but it’s not. They roast the beans longer for the bolder taste, so more of the caffeine gets burned away, or at least that’s how it’s been explained to me. All this makes Frankie totally crazy on the field. After scoring, he breaks out into an outrageous reggae dance to honor Bob Marley, one of his idols.

After the Panama game I saw him and said “Close game last night, huh Frankie?” which was hilarious because US won 6-0. He laughed and said “yeah” and then I said, “My husband and I watched it at Damons until they flipped the channel and made us watch the debates – on mute.” He said “oh yeah?” And then we talked a little bit more about the game and coffee and stuff. By the way, I work at Starbucks.

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  • colleen

    will you be my idol? seriously, just hearing that you are “friends” with Frankie Hejduk, makes me want to go back to starbucks. just for the freak chance encounters with people like jerry springer (not kidding he came into my store once). oh and i want my red sox hat back!