Mrs. Crazyman

Seth hates blogs. I think that he would even put them on his list of things he would bomb if he were a terrorist, along with Easton, Wal-Mart, McDonalds, high fructose corn syrup and winter. (ATTN John Ashcroft, I said if he WERE a terrorist, and I assure you he is not planning on becoming one any time soon. He has stable employment with Fru-Fru Advertising in the Short North with Ricky. The Italian.)

I think this hatred may stem from the mild case of aspberger’s disease he has acquired. What’s aspberger’s you say? well, it’s like a mild case of autism, which makes a person incredibly sensitive to sound and light. this becomes a problem when he lives with me every day of his life. I come with both a lot of brightness, and as my girlfriends can attest, many, many noises. I give him five years in this thing before he goes crazy. or kills me. or both. either way, i must tell you about Frankie Hadyk. Tomorrow I will tell you about him. my husband beckons me away from this internet noise.

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  • joe peffer

    Seriously? October, 2004? It’s like you invented the internet before blogging was cool.